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Do you have a passion for people and teaching? If so, we’d love to invite you to become a member of the Spyglass teaching team! Our English school is expanding and we are hiring for the first time. This is a great chance for you to build your own student/client base under the Spyglass Kids English company brand. We are looking for two (2) English language teachers who can create a warm and friendly experience for our students for our weekday and Saturday classes.

Position Details:
Teach an average of 3-10 hours per week. Teacher must be punctual, reliable, and cooperative. Prior teaching experience (at least 1 year) and some basic Japanese are required. Must currently live in Fukui, Japan and have a valid work VISA.

Contract Type: Part-Time
# of Positions: Two (2) 
Contract Term: 1-year recurring
Salary: ¥1200 - ¥2000 per class taught (Competitive/Depends on experience)
Travel Expenses: Covered 
Start Date: ASAP
Probation Period: 1 month training
Training: Yes (paid)

Our goal is to make learning English an exciting adventure and the teaching team will work hard to ensure that our students & parents know they are welcomed and cared for. Some responsibilities include:

-Teaching using our textbooks, workbooks & flashcards 
-Teaching the alphabet & phonics
-Singing & playing games 
-Working in teams to accomplish teaching goals
-Hosting seasonal events for students & parents 
-Creating classroom signage to inform and delight students and parents

You'll learn a lot and you won’t be stuck doing one task here. Each teacher and staff member contributes to creating a WOW student experience by participating in all aspects of the job.

Attach your resume/photo and send below to: 

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Walter Tsushima

Spyglass Kids English, CEO



平日 16:00~21:00 / 土日9:00〜20:00

Spyglass Kids English www.spyglassenglish.com


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  • ネイティブ先生(アメリカ)

  • 15年以上の実績

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  • ​多種なイベント

  • ​1クラス6人までの少人数割

  • 話す、聞く、読む、書く 全てを指導

  • ​発達段階に合ったカリキュラムを将用

  • ​身についた力をためせる機会が沢山


平日 16:00~21:00 / 土日9:00〜20:00

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